Touch of Sound


As a master of the finer nuances of sound, Ben Lee has explored how to deepen his capacity to share the medicine of music. In 2018 a collaboration with his wife (Ryan McLaughlin, LAc., MSOM) was born to offer

Touch of Sound: A Group Acupuncture & Percussive Sound Journey.

Following the art and wisdom of Chinese Cosmology, we invite you to join us for an embodied exploration of the Chinese Medicine organ networks. We will co-create an evening of acupuncture, percussive sound journey, meditation, visualization, song, breath, and movement. You will have the opportunity to deepen your relationship with yourself- one organ at a time. Each month we will build on the cosmological story, with a different organ system and acupuncture channel being featured, felt, and loved.​

Acupuncture in this healing circle will provide opportunity to attune to the present moment through harnessing the stories and wisdom held within the acupuncture channels. Ryan McLaughlin, L.Ac. will craft a unique treatment for you using pulse diagnosis to open the doorway into supporting your unique constitution. The room will be filled with the sweet vibrations of percussionist Benjammin Lee as we journey into the exploration within.

This collaboration has been offered in Portland, OR and Bethlehem, PA with astounding success. Touch of Sound can be arranged for private groups, booked for art/music festivals, with upcoming public offerings and rejuevenating weekend retreats.

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Many Blessings,

Ryan McLaughlin, L.Ac. & Benjammin Lee

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