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Benjamin Lee

- Percussions, Rhythmic Expression & Sonic Alchemy -

Ben Lee: Welcome


Ben has been experimenting with self-expression through rhythm and sound for the past 35 years. With early inspirations from rock and roll & the Grateful Dead, to funky jam bands, Ben loves to deliver all the notes with high energy groovy beats with timed precision. He is a master at creating and accentuating the unfolding rhythm into just about any environment! 

Ben Lee has been fueled with inspiration and fresh beats through his west coast endeavors with The Quick & Easy Boys, Party City 2034, The Urban Shaman, Soul Progression, Jimmy Russell's Freak Church, Maygantic, & The Excellent Gentleman. He has also shared the stage in collaboration with Tyrone Hendrix [of Stevie Wonder], Reggie Houston [of Fats Domino and Dr. John], Steve Berlin [of Los Lobos], Steve Swatkins [of Allen Stone} & the Positive Agenda, Pete Knudson [of Ghost Note], Jay Cobb & Kellen Asebroek [of Fruition], Turtle VanDemarr [of Dan Hicks] Far Out West, Lost Ox, Rainbow Electric, Special Purpose, Yur Daddy, The Band of Camerados, World's Finest, & The Good Time Travelers.  Ben Lee has recorded an eclectic album with The Urban Shaman at Hallowed Halls, and has been featured on Austin Quattlebaum's 2019 EP- Volume 1.

Currently located in Bethlehem, PA  with occasional gigs in Portland, OR and Cincinnatti, OH and flexibility to travel for the right project.

Explore Ben Lee's music portfolio and feel free to get in touch with any comments, questions, or offers.

Ben Lee: About


Ben is a musician of over 30 years experience who has performed nationally and internationally with experience and knowledge of an extensive array of musical instruments from around the world. Over the decades, Ben's focus with music has grown into Sonic Theology and the medicine of sacred sound. He has been diving deep into both sacred and mystic texts of religions worldwide to gain further understanding of the impact of vibration on the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies within us all.  Having studied sonic theology, metaphysics, and harmonic practicum, his wisdom of sonic alchemy allows for you to experience being uplifted and grounded with a calm and enlightened journey. Ben uses vibration and sound to create a unifying experience that allows all beings to achieve a higher state of balance, harmony, and consciousness.  Ben Lee has a true gift in using both sound, as well as exploring the spaces between sound to create a sacred container of transformation and alchemy though vibration. The integrity and transformation within these healing circles is quite profound.

As a master of the finer nuances of sound, Ben has explored how to deepen his capacity to share the medicine of music. He partnered with his wife in 2018 to offer Touch of Sound: A Group Acupuncture & Percussive Sound Journey. This collaboration has been offered in Portland, OR and Bethlehem, PA with astounding success. Touch of Sound can be arranged for private groups locally, with upcoming public offerings as well as weekend retreats.

Ben Lee: About
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